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Nichole & Jeremy's Engagement Session at Hamilton College | Clinton, NY

I had the pleasure of photographing Nichole & Jeremy for their engagement session at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY! What a sweet couple they are and we had the perfect summer evening with beautiful golden light for their session!

I loved getting to know more about Nichole & Jeremy and their love story! Here's wha I learned:

How did you meet?

Nichole: "We met on Tinder actually! I was studying for my optometry admissions test and mindlessly scrolling through tinder. I saw he was a science major and loved volleyball so I swiped right. We matched and he messaged me "I swiped because of the bio major" (my major in college which was in my profile). He was literally the only guy I ever responded to on tinder!"

Jeremy: Well I had attempted to use tinder for the first time and, as expected, I was very excited when I matched with a beautiful girl with so many similar interests. She was the first girl I actually met off of the app, talk about beginners luck!

What was your first date?

Nichole: "We went to Root Glen for the first date and then Bonomo's for ice cream! We actually ended up talking so much that we got lost because we veered off the path. Now we joke that it was probably not a great location for a first date and that I'm glad he wasn't a murderer."

Jeremy: "Our first date was at Root Glen. I had just discovered the beautiful spot and figured it would be a great first date! Was pretty funny though because I basically dressed for a hike and she's in a beautiful skirt."

Nichole, do you have a favorite date you've ever been on together?

"It's not really a date, but we went to Alexandria bay a few years ago in the fall when it wasn't as busy. We got a waterfront hotel room with a gorgeous view of the water with amazing sunset views. We went to Boldt Castle and spent the whole weekend exploring the town and looking out onto the water, it was amazing!"

Jeremy, do you have a favorite date you've ever been on together?

"We tend to be a more adventurous couple, so when we try to plan something to do together it usually ends up more involved than a traditional date night. If we want to do something cute together it usually ends up being more of a vacation or adventure rather than a date. I think my favorite time like that was when we went to Baltimore to go to 6 flags for the biggest roller coaster followed by an amazing dinner by water, it was an great time."

Nichole, what made you fall in love with Jeremy? What do you love most about him?

"He's always made me feel so comfortable and he's so easy to talk to and we have so much in common! He's so passionate about everything that he does, it's so admirable. What made me fall in love with him was how easily he could make me laugh. And I felt I could be 100% myself and a weirdo with him and he'd be just as weird back. I love laughing with him :)"

Jeremy, what made you fall in love with Nichole? What do you love most about her?

"Initially we got along really well, we have so many similar interests and ideals that conversation flowed naturally and we easily shared laughs and good times. But what made me actually fall in love with her was after a while she began to become truly comfortable with me and her weird side started to come out. She started to do silly quirky things with me out of the blue that would make me stop anything I was doing and smile or laugh. The longer we were together the more I realized that she actually is this hilariously weird and funny girl that never ceases to put the biggest smile on my face. I knew that I really liked her because of all of our similarities, but I knew that I was truly in love with her once she began to let her guard down, her true self started to shine through. She brings out the goofy fun side of me that I never let out, and we can just be ourselves together. Her coming into my life is the best thing to ever happen to me, I love her with all my heart."

How did you get engaged?

Nichole: "We went to Green Lakes State Park on one of the first nice days of the year and it was absolutely beautiful! I didn't know at the time, but Jeremy was trying to take me out on one of the big rocks with an astonishing view (that you are technically not supposed to go on) so he could propose, but I didn't want to go because the sign said it wasn't allowed (hahaha). There kept being too many people around all day, and he knew I wanted the proposal to be private, so he never got a chance there. After we left, we decided to go to Delta Lake and had to jump over some pretty big puddles, but found a beautiful private spot by the water by all the trees. He told me how happy I made him and how much he loved me and got down on one knee and proposed! We got red lobster (take out of course as this was April 2020) afterward to celebrate!"

Jeremy: "So I had bought the ring and asked her parents in the late winter 2020, but it was covid and there was nothing open and nowhere to go. We are both outdoorsy and more private people anyways and I knew I wanted to do it outside somewhere nice and semi-private. We went to Green Lakes before and thought the scenery was beautiful and I planned to do it on this one rocky outcrop. So we are there and we stop at the spot, I put the ring in my back pocket and Nichole starts stressing out and doesn't want to go on it anymore because of all the people. We continued with our walk around the lakes and I almost did it at a few more spots with no people around but I was nervous and chickened out! It never ended up happening so I was adamant that we go somewhere else. So we drove to Delta Lake State Park and walked the trails in the back. We went to a spot by a big tree on the lake shore, skipped a few rocks, got on one knee with the lake in my background and asked if she would marry me. She said yes but I was so nervous I forgot to put the ring on her finger! But it ended up going great and now we can visit our engagement spot all the time."

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

Nichole: "I'm really looking forward to our first look, and seeing each other for the first time on our wedding day."

Jeremy: "I'm looking forward to seeing Nichole in her dress for the first time on our wedding day."

I am certainly looking forward to photographing Nichole and Jeremy's wedding next year at Beardslee Castle!

Are you recently engaged? I'd love to chat with you about my engagement & wedding packages! Please fill out my CONTACT FORM, and I will be in touch with you soon! :)


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