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The Wedding Experience

CNY Wedding Photographer

"You're not just getting a photographer..."

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There is SO much more that goes into a wedding day and the months leading up to it than just taking photos.  It's super important that your wedding photographer is a good fit for you!  Not just someone that takes beautiful photos (even though that's important!), but someone that you can fully trust, get along with and feel comfortable around (After all, I'll be right there third wheeling with ya on your entire wedding day!) When you book with me, you are not just getting a photographer... You are getting someone who will:


  • Be just as excited about every step of your wedding planning as you are.

  • Offer wedding planning advice, recommendations and education.

  • Fluff your dress and make sure your veil is perfectly in place.  

  • Make you laugh and feel comfortable in front of the camera.

  • Be your personal hype girl.  

  • Keep your wedding day running smoothly and on schedule.

  • Sneak you tissues when the happy tears start flowing.

  • Literally jump in a mud puddle if it means getting the best shot.  (Not to mention, someone who will lay down in a puddle of mud for you on your wedding day, if it means you not getting your dress dirty.)

CNY Wedding Photographer

I will be there for you every step of the way!

The Process


  • Easy and prompt communication.

  • In person pre-wedding consultation.

  • Customized timeline building.

  • Family Formal Shot List Creation.

  • I'm happy to offer advice, vendor referrals, and recommendations to make the wedding planning process easy for you.  



The Big Day

  • From the emotional candid moments to the formal portraits, I'll be there to capture it all.

  • A fun, laid back experience for you and your wedding party.

  • Organized and well orchestrated family portraits, so nobody gets left out.

  • A well planned out timeline, leaving you plenty of time to party with your guests.

  • Beautiful memories captured, to cherish for a lifetime!


  • Your full wedding gallery will be delivered no later than 6 weeks after your wedding day.

  • Your images will be delivered in an online gallery that you can share with all of your wedding guests.

  • The bride and groom will also receive a USB drive of all of their photos with a print release.

CNY Wedding Photographer
CNY Wedding Photographer
CNY Wedding Photographer

The Investment

​Wedding Packages Start at $3,150



  • 6 hours of wedding day coverage.

  • A complimentary engagement session.

  • All high resolution photos from your day, expertly edited.

  • A print release for all photos from your day.

  • A USB drive of all photos from your day.

  • An online gallery of all photos from your day to download and share with guests.


Hourly rates for less than 6 hours of coverage, available upon request!

The Legacy

If there's one thing that you take away from your experience with me, I hope it's something tangible.  We live in a world where we are constantly connected digitally to each other, yet we're at serious risk of a digital dark age.  Meaning all photographs from this time period could be lost in history.  Why?  Because nobody prints their pictures anymore!  Think about it.... When you ask your grandparents to see their wedding photos, what do they do?  They go and get their wedding album off the shelf, brush a little dust off the cover and hand it to you.  Now imagine the same scenario, but this time your grandma comes out with a box full of transparent photo slides.  You don't even know what they are, to be honest, and you don't have the slightest clue of how to view them.  That is what today's USB drive will be like in 50 years (or less!).  So PLEASE, print your photos...Your legacy depends on it!

After your wedding, I invite you to come into my studio for a product ordering session.  I will show you samples of my high quality wedding albums, wall art and print options.  I would love to help you pick the perfect products to preserve your legacy! 

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