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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Printing Your Photos

So you've had professional photos taken and you had every intention of printing them, to hang some on your walls and put the rest in a photo album that you can pull out to show company when they visit.

Buttttt, two years have gone by and your photos are still sitting on a flash drive that's shoved in the back of your desk drawer....

Sound familiar?

Don't worry, you're definitely not alone!

"But why should I even bother printing my photos", you ask, "when we live in such a digital world?"

Great question, I'm so glad you asked!

Photo By Erin Covey

Here are 7 reasons why you need to start printing your photos (the best time to start? Yesterday!):

1. It preserves the quality of your photos for MANY years to come! - Have you ever looked at an old photo on Facebook from 10+ years ago and it looks all distorted and pixelated now? But it didn't look like that when you posted it years ago! You might be wondering, "Why is this happening to my photos?" It's because as technology keeps evolving and getting better and better, the quality of your digital photos will just keep getting worse. We're at a serious risk of a digital dark age with this generation, meaning all photos from our generation will be lost. Why? Because nobody prints their photos! Are you freaked out yet? I know I am! If you print your photos and store them properly, they will last a lot longer than a digital photo!

2. Have a backup hard copy of your photos. - Sure have your photos on a USB drive is great... but you just can't put all of your trust in technology. USB drives can go corrupt at any moment, for no reason and all and then, *POOF* All of your photos and memories are gone in an instant! If you print your photos and store them properly, they will far outlast any type of USB drive!

3. Have something tangible to pass down to your grandchildren. - Sure, getting all of your photos on a USB drive is great.... but will that USB drive still work 50 years from now? Probably not, considering how rapidly technology is evolving! Your USB drive in 50 years will likely be the equivalent of what transparent slides are to us now.... totally obsolete (and your grandchildren will have no idea what to do with it)! If you print your photos and store them properly in photo albums, you will have something tangible to pass down to your grandchildren, so that they can get a real glimpse into your life and you can leave a legacy!

Photo By Erin Covey

4. It brings life to your home. - There's nothing like coming home after a long day to see your favorite memories and favorite people displayed in beautiful printed photographs around your home. You bring life & joy to the walls of your home when you hang your printed photos up and turn your house into a comfy home!

5. It brings people together. - When I go over to my grandparent's house, my grandma usually pulls out big totes filled with pictures from the past 80+ years and we have the best time going through them. No matter who's there, we all somehow end up with a pile of pictures in our lap, laughing, smiling and remembering the wonderful memories of the past that we get to hold in our hands. I've pulled out pictures of my great great grandparents that I never got to meet and my grandma would tell me wonderful stories about them and what they were like. Nothing brings people together quite like an album of printed photographs does.

Photo by Erin Covey

6. It makes a great gift. - I hate to break it to you but nobody wants more sweaters, socks, or whatever the cool new gadget might be this holiday season (it'll just end up thrown in the back of their junk drawer). But you know what will never get old or go out of style? A printed photograph of one of their favorite memories, with their favorite people. As a matter of fact, this is one of the only gifts that will actually become MORE valuable to them as time passes!

7. It looks better printed. - There's just something about holding a professional photograph in your hands. The feel of the paper in your hands. The colors pop just a little more and you feel that much closer to that memory. In such a digital crazed world, it's so refreshing to get your nose out of your screen and have a tangible way to look at your photographs. Call me crazy but I think the old fashioned way is best!

Photo By Erin Covey

I hope that this has helped to educate you on the importance of printing your photographs. My goal is that you preserve your memories for MANY years to come so that you have something to pass down to your grandchildren and can leave your legacy! Please don't get to the end of your life and have nothing to show for it, no memories to leave behind when you're gone, PRINT YOUR PHOTOS! :)

Ok, I'll get off my soap box now. If you've been photographed by me in the past and would like to order professional prints, feel free to reach out to me at! I'm always happy to help!


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