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5 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Album

Are you on the fence about ordering a wedding album? Wondering if it’s worth the investment?

Here are a few reasons why I believe wedding albums are PRICELESS and the best way to PRESERVE your memories

from your wedding day!

Reason #1 - Your Album Tells the Story of your Wedding Day.

There’s just something about holding your wedding album in your hands, and flipping through the thick

pages, to see your wedding photos printed in quality vibrant colors. Your very own fairytale comes to

life in classic story book form... It beats looking at a screen any day!

Reason #2 - Easily show your family & friends your wedding photos.

When your friends or family come over and ask to see your wedding photos, you can easily walk over to the shelf,

grab your wedding album and hand it to them. You know exactly where it is, and you don’t have to fumble around

looking for your USB drive of photos or try to remember the link and password to your online gallery.

Reason #3 - Preserves your legacy!

Don’t let your memories of your wedding day fade and disappear as you get older. Preserve your

legacy and pass it down to your future generations with a wedding album!

Reason #4 - Preserves the quality of your photos, forever!

Receiving all of your wedding photos on an online gallery or USB drive is wonderful... don’t get me wrong.

But will that online gallery still be online in 20 years from now? Will USB drives still be usable 50 years from

now? Honestly, probably not, with the way that technology is so rapidly evolving and changing. Your

USB drive in 50 years from now may be the equivalent of a VHS or Cassette tape to us now. Your grandchildren

will have no idea what to do with it or how to look at your wedding photos! I can assure you, with proper

storage and care, your wedding album will last far longer than 50 years and will never be outdated by technology!

Reason #5 - It’s the only thing tangible you have left after your wedding is over!

After the cake is cut, the food is gone, the flowers are dead... what will you have left to remember your

wedding day by? What will you have to show your grandchildren one day. Your wedding album!

I hope that this helped to educate you on the importance and quality of wedding albums! If you'd like to learn more about wedding albums and how you can order yours, feel free to send me a email at!


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