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Christina & Erin's Wedding - Long Island, NY

I've been SO excited for Christina & Erin's wedding ever since they booked me to photograph it over two years ago! From the moment I met them, they both seemed like such cool down-to-earth people and I had a feeling their wedding would have the same vibe.

Christina & Erin had originally planned on getting married at a venue in Upstate NY, but as with every wedding planned this year, 2020 had other plans. Instead of postponing their big day to next year, like many couples have opted to do this year, Christina & Erin decided to roll with the punches that 2020 threw at them, and pivot their plans to still accommodate their original date. Which brought us all the way to Long Island, NY! Christina grew up in Long Island, where her parents still reside, so they decided to turn their wedding into an intimate backyard wedding with 50 of their closest friends and family.

I had never been to Long Island before, so I was super excited for this adventure! I brought my husband Jeremy along with me to be my assistant for the weekend. We had a blast!

The entire day could not have gone more smoothly! From the moment we arrived at Christina's parents house, we felt welcomed. Their families and entire wedding party were some of the nicest and fun people.

Their first look was probably one of my favorite moments of the entire day. I had helped Christina and Erin choose a location for their first look in the weeks leading up to their wedding. It was a little difficult since I was not able to be there in person, but they sent me many photos of their location ideas until we narrowed it down to the perfect location! We ended up choosing the Yaphank Historical Society, which was right around the corner from Christina's parents house! It was an awesome location that offered us a lot of cool variety to work with, from a woodsy/nature setting, an old historic house, a vintage Shell gas station, and a vintage tow truck! (and you know me, I'm like a moth to a flame for anything vintage!) I have to say, their first look was probably one of the most epic ones I've ever done. We got Erin set up in place and waiting anxiously for Christina to arrive. When Christina arrived on location, we asked her if she would be ok with covering her eyes and letting us guide her to Erin, because we wanted to set them up back-to-back, so they could turn around at the same time, and didn't want Christina to get any peeks of her bride before then. So Christina was a complete trooper, she covered her eyes and walked across the uneven lawn blind and in heels and a wedding gown without wiping out once (better than I could've done!). But it was so worth it, because their reaction when they both turned around at the same time to see each other was absolutely priceless!!

Another one of my favorite moments of the day was when Christina & Erin did a coin toss right before it was time to walk down the aisle, to see who would be walking down the aisle first. Erin was the winner!

Christina and Erin's wedding day ended up being the perfect day, filled with so much love, laughter and happy tears.... oh and Harry Potter details (Peep their awesome ring box)! Even though it was not the wedding they originally planned, I feel like it was 100% the wedding they were meant to have. This year may have disrupted a lot of wedding plans, but I feel like it has brought to light the aspects of a wedding that truly matter. It's not about the venue, or the amount of guests you have.... it's about marrying your best friend and soulmate! And Mrs. & Mrs. Mckee did just that! #mckeetomyheart

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff

Hair: Christine Gilinger

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