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Vintage Couple's Session - Samantha & Jeremy - Utica, NY

You guys allll know by know that I loveeee all things vintage and golden light, which is why Samantha & Jeremy's vintage couples session in Utica, NY was EVERYTHING! Ahhhh what can I say about this shoot, besides the fact that I'm OBSESSED with every detail of it! I knew that in the midst of the craziness of the world in 2020, I wanted to do a shoot that brought us back to simpler times, like the 1950's. Before technology, before social media, before dating apps, when love was sweet, pure and simple. When couples truly dated and did cute things together like going on picnics. Of course I had to use my dad 1956 red Chevy agian, my favorite prop of all time! When planning the styling and look of this shoot, Samantha asked me if I thought red lipstick would look good, because she's usually just a chapstick kind of girl. Wellllll you know I loveeeee my red lipstick, so I said, of course, go for it girl! Go bold or go home is my motto! And can I just say that she totally rocked it along with some timeless pearls! Samantha & Jeremy's playful spirits and true love really shined through during this session and we ended it with the most beautiful sunset and champagne toast (and no, Samantha did not get a shower of champagne, that's just an illusion! LOL)

Who's ready to go back in time with me??

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