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Weekend Getaway to the Berkshires

In celebration of my 26th birthday, my husband and I had a weekend getaway to explore the Berkshires in the little town of Lee, MA. I love to pick a random town to visit and just explore, because we always seem to find hidden gems wherever we go! Even if it's the most remote and quiet town, every town has a story...

I found this adorable AirBnb overlooking the country side and fell in love! It was such an eclectic and charming place to stay, decorated with beautiful artwork, antiques and walls full of books (a dream come true for a book lover like myself). I thought, this will be the perfect place to get away from our fast paced every day lives and relax! Our host Cornelia waved to us when we arrived (we were staying in her guest house, which was next door to her house). (Link to the listing, in case you want to check it out yourself! )

This is my kind of place!

Make yourself at home babe... lol

Mini photoshoot at the AirBnb.. because why not??

Hi.. I'm giant

Our first night, we ventured into town for dinner, but stopped at the nearest grocery store first to pick up some breakfast for the next day. Every one in the grocery store was extremely friendly, and I think every employee in there asked us if we needed help with anything (Do we look lost or something?) When we got up to the register, the cashier said there was a no plastic ban but we could buy a paper bag for 10 cents (super friendly people and an extremely clean, environment friendly town... two things we were not used to!) We went to dinner at 51 Park Restaurant and Tavern, and the food was phenomenal! Jeremy had the steak and I had lobster risotto... both were amazingg! Since there didn't seem to be much of a night life, we decided to call it a night after to dinner and head back to the cozy comfort of our AirBnb. One thing we noticed when we settled in for the night that there was no TV (which I actually loved!) but who needs TV when there were SO many books to read... right??

I thought the brick on this building was cool and it was actually a photography studio!

The next day.... first stop, the town of Lenox, MA. It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day (finally!) and the town was bustling with people walking around the cute gift shops, coffee shops and restaurants. First stop, Lenox Coffee to fuel up on caffeine.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a deep love affair with cheese... my face says it all!

Some cool artwork on the street by various local artists.

Look happy!

Look excited! (Or.. surprised...Not sure what's going on here Lol)

Next stop... Ventfort Hall Mansion, for a trip back in time. I used to hate touring old mansions or historic landmarks growing up, but now they fascinate me (guess that means I'm getting old...LOL).

That was so much fun! Next... of to the town of Great Barrington, MA for lunch!

This town is adorable!

We had lunch at The Well. A really cool little restaurant with great food!

Explored the town after lunch, there was something neat to see around every corner!

After an AWESOME afternoon in Great Barrington, it was time to head back to our AirBnB to relax before dinner.

The sunset views were incredible!

Ok babe... you're getting way too close to my face with the camera, LOL

For dinner we decided to go to the same restaurant (51 Park Restaurant & Tavern) as the night before because we loved it so much (and I was dreaming about that steak all day)! I think that was the first time that I've ever gone to the same restaurant two nights in a row, but it was so worth it!

The next morning we headed home, but stopped at The Clark museum in Williamstown, MA on our way home! Another adorable town to check out! This entire trip inspired me and filled my soul up... Can't wait to see which small towns we explore next.... Until next time!

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