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'Reinventing at 30' Headshots

When Sam contacted me and said she had an idea to start up a new blog, and wondered if she could shadow me for a day I said absolutely! Nothing gets me more excited than hanging out with like minded creatives. We met up for a coffee (at my favorite coffee shop in town, Utica Coffee Roasting Co.) and Sam told about her idea for a blog. She's moving to the Big Apple in April but isn't sure what she wants to do with her life. She felt like she always played it safe all of her life, going to college for something practical, having good 9-5 jobs with good benefits but never felt truly fulfilled or like she was doing what she was supposed to be doing. So, that's where her idea to start the blog, "Reinventing at 30" was born! Her idea was to shadow different people with different creative businesses and hobbies to see what she liked and to find the way down her own creative path. I was honored when she asked if I could be the first person she would shadow!

We set up a date for her to come to my studio and see a little behind the scenes action of me at work. We had in impromptu shoot in the studio with lots of laughs. Sam was able to see what it's like to be behind the camera AND in front of the camera when she sat in as my model! I then showed her my process that goes into editing the photos after they are taken with my camera.

I am so proud of this new venture that Sam is going on and love to see creatives following their true passion. Follow along on Sam's blog as she makes the move to NYC and explores different career paths!

Instagram: @reinventingat30

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