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Trendy Thursday- How to Make Your Own Flower Crown

I recently created flower crowns for my first senior model shoot with Meagan and Caira. I found out they are fairly easy to make yourself. These are going to be huge this spring and summer; they make a big statement and are perfect for weddings, special occasions, or just because! I use fake flower this time but I've made it with real flowers in the past (they just don't last as long!). I used large flowers, but if you want a more subtle delicate look you can always go with smaller ones. In total it only took me about a half hour per crown to put together and the best part is it only cost me about $10 per crown to make! Below are the steps on how to make one yourself!

What you'll need:

-5-10 silk flowers (or real)

-Heavy rustic floral wire (for the base)

-Thin floral wire (green)

-Wire cutters


Step 1: Take your rustic floral wire and shape it into a circle that fits comfortably on your head. Use pliers to bend ends of wire around.

Step 2: Begin arranging your flowers on the base and decide the general placement of the floweres before attatching them. Once decided, take your thin green floral wire and secure each flower into place by wrapping tightly around back of flower and around the crown base.

Step 3: Continue the process moving around to the front of the crown and to the opposite side. There is no "right" way to arrange your flowers, it's all up to you!

Step 4: You can choose to attatch flowers around the entire base or only part of it like I have. Be sure to trim of an sharp end of wire with the wire cutters. And there you have it, your very own flower crown!

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