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Trendy Thursday- 10 Ways to Stay Cute in the Rain

Has the freezing, rainy weather been getting you down? I mean why spend the time on the perfect hair, makeup and outfit when you just look like a drowned rat when you step outside, right? Don't worry; we have your back! These 10 tips to staying cute in the rain will give you a reason to get out of bed; you've got this girlfriend!

#1. Find a cute raincoat-

While this may seem like a no brainer, you may be surprised at how difficult it can be to find a rain coat that is stylish and does it's job of protecting you from the pouring rain. I recommend a bright color to bring color to a gloomy day!

MICHAEL Michael Kors hooded raincoat from Macy's

Vineyard Vines "The Explorer" water resistant jacket from Macy's

#2. The right rainboots can match anything!-

Now that you have found your super cute rain coat, it's time to invest in some rain boots! Rain boots can be worn anytime, if worn with the right outfit. And when you're stuck waiting for the bus in a downpour... your feet will thank you!

Hunter Original Refined Gloss rainboots in black at

Kristabel from "I Want You To Know" modeling the Hunter Original Gloss style in Wisteria

#3. An Updo will save your life-

Heavy rain can wreck hovac on a freshly straightened hairdo. If you're like most who are prone to wavy or curly hair it can turn your hair into a frizzy mess... Try an updo to save the time and headache!

"The Braided Bun" found on Click image for how-to instructions.

"The Headband Hair Pile" found on Click image for how-to instructions.

#4. Throw on a beanie-

On days when you press snooze a few too many times and don't want to mess with your hair at all.. a beanie can be a great alternative! It also doubles to keep your head warm and dry in gross weather!

Fine Guage Super Slouch Beanie from Urban Outfitters

#5.- Waterproof makeup will keep you from melting-

Mascara can get really sloppy and hard to fix when it starts to run, so using waterproof mascara on rainy days is an absolute must. As for foundation, try using liquid or cream foundations for rainy days as opposed to powders. Liquid foundations tend to last longer and do not streak as easily as powders when exposed to water.

Covergirl Plumpify blastPRO by Lashblast Waterproof Mascara

#6.- Avoid wearing white-

This isn't a wet t-shirt contest ladies. Let's be real, showing up to school with a see through t-shirt is about as bad as having the infamous nightmare where you show up to school naked... Not cute! Stick with dark colors on days that call for heavy rain, just to be on the safe side!

#7.-Don't wear materials that will get ruined-

Try to avoid materials that can get ruined by the rain such as suede and leather and stick to materials that are more durable in the rain such as canvas, plastic and rubber. Also, disclaimer: DO NOT wear UGG's in the rain unless they have been weather proofed! (this girl has learned that one the hard way)

Image from ArtSymphony blog post

#8.- Wear bright colors-

There's no better way to brighten up a gloomy day than with a bright, cheery outfit! Also, it's clinically proven that bright colors have a positive affect on mood.. so technically it's actually healthy to wear bright colors!

"Little Bow Peep" inspired outfit by The Fashion Canvas.

Bright rainy day outfit by Mode and The City

#9.- Tame your mane-

If you're like the majority of the population then rain and hair probably do not mix well for you. Try using an anti-frizz serum in your hair before styling in the morning to prevent frizzyness throughout the day.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Air-Dry Waves Styling Foam

#10.- Show off those pearly whites!-

When all else fails... nothing makes you look more beautiful than a genuine smile. So, SHINE ON FASHIONISTAS!

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