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Blake & John's Winter Engagement Session | Union Station, Utica, NY

I had so much fun with Blake & John during their engagement session at Union Station in the Baggs Square District, Utica, NY. It ended up being a super snowy day, but it was perfect for some fun wintery engagement photos!

Photo in front of the Doyle Hardware building, since Blake will soon be taking John's last name, which is Doyle!

I loved getting to know more about Blake & John and their love story! Here's what I learned:

What was your first date together? Tell me all about it!

Blake: Our first date was at a restaurant called 16C, which is right in downtown Quincy (where we both live). I was definitely nervous and rushing to get home from work and to the restaurant on time (I HATE being late), and ended up being like five minutes late. John still teases me about it.

John: She was late. And you could tell she was rushed. I'd already settled in and had a beer before she arrived, so I was pretty relaxed. But we had a really nice time (obviously haha).

Do you have a favorite date you've ever been on together?

Blake: One of my favorites was a trip we took to Portland, ME - it was our first trip "away" together. We stayed at an adorable boutique hotel and spent the weekend walking around Portland, eating at all the great restaurants and sampling the craft beer. It was just a really fun and relaxing weekend together.

John: One of my favorite dates was the first time we went to a Hockey game together. I'm from Rhode Island, and the Providence Bruins were playing the Utica Comets. Blake was excited that the Comets were so close to Boston for a game, and so we made a day of going down to Providence and saw the game. The Providence Bruins won.

What would the perfect date night look like or include?

Blake: I'm pretty low key, so love a night in cooking together with a bottle of wine. I also really love the theatre, so dressing up and going to dinner and a show is also an ideal date night.

John: For me, a nice dinner and some live music (an outdoor concert is even better) is the perfect date night.

Blake, What do you love most about John?

Blake: I love a lot of things about John - he has a great sense of humor, he's always very thoughtful and kind, he's very good to his family, he's smart, and he's always willing to go along with whatever crazy activity I want us to try. I feel really lucky to have found him - I can't imagine spending forever with anyone else.

John, What do you love most about Blake?

John: I love Blake because she makes me a better person and she makes me happy.

How did you get engaged? Tell me all the details!

Blake: We had talked about getting married, and even went together to pick out an engagement ring, so the proposal wasn't a surprise. Since we're in the times of Covid, John planned a nice night in - he cooked a lovely dinner and we had a cozy night staying home in front of the fireplace. He got down on one knee to propose. He was definitely nervous (which he emphatically denies)!

John: We had already planned together, and chosen a ring. Because of Covid, I decided to cook a nice meal at home (I burned myself in the process, which is uncharacteristic - I'm a good cook!). Even though it wasn't a big extravagant evening, it was still a really nice night in.

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

Blake & John: Due to Covid, we're having a micro wedding (just 12 people!). So we're looking forward to it being a really low-key day that we get to spend with the people we love most, with out the crazy of a big wedding day. We're also looking forward to being married and getting to really enjoy the day with each other.

Blake & John are actually getting married THIS month and I am so excited to photograph their wedding day!

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