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Friday FAQ

When should I book my photographer? What are the first steps to take?

I recommend booking your photographer a year in advance. The first steps would be to set up a meeting to talk about the details of your wedding, what you're looking for in a photographer, and to view sample albums and galleries. Your style and wedding are one of a kind. Be sure to choose a photography that matches the style of photography you are looking for on your wedding day. I consider my style to be modern with traditional aspects. I'm not afraid to use color and unique structure's/views in my photography but I also do the traditional family, wedding party and bride/groom portraits. I work closely with couples before they even book me to figure out exactly the type of photography style they are looking for. I recommend that brides start a Pinterest board just for wedding photos that they really like. This gives your photography an idea of the type of style you are looking for and it's also a good reference for your photographer for key images that you would like to get throughout your wedding day.

Do you shoot in black and white or just color?

I shoot all photos in color. During post-processing, you will have the option of having any photo in black and white free of charge (included with all wedding packages). Black and white photos change the mood of photos to a classic and traditional look.

I'm ready to book you! What do I have to do for my date to be booked and held?

Great! The next step would be to fill out a contract and complete your deposit. Once these steps are completed, you will be officially booked with Rebecca Sheets Photography and your date will be held!

Do you have more questions for me? Feel free to contact me! I'm here to help you every step of the way (whether it's related to photography or not)!

Xoxo -Rebecca

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