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What's in my makeup bag?

Wanna peek inside my makeup bag?

I think it's a right of passage to every fashion/beauty blogger to share the contents of their forbidden bag of beauty goodness. So here we go...

For my everyday look, I like my makeup look to be as casual and natural looking as possible. I know alot of makeup artist suggest you start with your eyes and then do foundation, but I do things a bit differently (and trust me, I'm not a professional makeup artist lol).

After making sure my face is freshly cleaned and moisturized, I start with a foundation. I recently started using Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream in Light Sheer Tint (not pictured above). I've always been against BB creams since I have naturally prone oily skin and thought that adding a moisterizer would add to the shine and oil; but a friend recommend it to me so I thought I would give it a try. It's been great for a foundation and it hasn't made my skin greasy. I do use a translucent powder over it to prevent shine. I have to say it's been working well with the cold dry winter air, when my skin usually drys out and starts to flake; and although I don't notice a huge difference, it does seem to be clearing up my skin in some problem areas.

Next, I use Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Light 1 Porcelain Ivory to conceal under eye circles and problem areas. This is my all time favorite concealer; I have been using it for many, many years and just love it! I usually apply it with my finger tip; it's the easiest way for me to blend it out well.

Then, I use Covergirl TruBlend Minerals bronzer in shade 435 Golden Sunrise. Again, this is another product that I have been using for years and won't soon stray away from. It is a loose powder, so I apply it by taking the lid off and tapping some powder into the lid. Then, using a bareMinerals full coverage Kabuki brush (not pictured above) swish around the powder (don't you love my technical terms lol), tap excess powder off on the lid and apply to my face; I apply in an "E" formation, going across my forehead/hairline, lightly on my temples, across my cheeks (just underneath the cheek bone), and along my jawline, blending down into my neck. I'll go over all areas with the brush until well blended. I love the natural sun kissed look this bronzer gives me.

Next, I stay on the cheeks and use my blush. I always thought blush was only for old ladys or clowns until my friend told me I should try using it sometime. So I bought a cheap drugstore blush in a red shade just to try it out and ended up loving how it looked. To this day I can't go without my blush and feel like I look dead without it. I am now using Too Faced Love Flush in the shade Your Love Is King. A friend got it for me for Christmas and I love it (Thanks Kelc)! I apply this very lightly with a Real Techniques blush brush (found at any drugstore) to the apple of my cheeks. I then blend it out with my Kabuki brush.

For eyes, I go for neutral brown shadow shades for my everyday look. I LOVE Urban Decay Naked 2. I've been using the original palette for a couple years now (yes it lasts that long!) and just recently got the Naked 2 Basics palette from a friend for Christmas (Thanks Leah!). I have already long ago used up Bootycall, my favorite shade on the Naked 2 palette. I now use Chopper on my entire lid, with a mixture of Half Baked and YDK in the outer corners and Roxy in the inner corner. I use the double sided brush that came with the Naked 2 palette. It's great for blending.

Then, moving on to eyeliner; I have used the same kind of liquid eyeliner for years now. I love liquid eyeliner because not only do I get a smoother, crisper line with it but it also lasts throughout the day without wearing off or smudging, whereas I feel pencil eyeliner does not last as long. I HIGHLY recommend Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black with the felt tip. It is the best affordable liquid eyeliner out there.

For mascara, I like to change it up everytime I get a new mascara. Most drug store mascaras will give you the same good result if known how to use properly. At the moment, I have been using Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express in blackest black. It has been working great on my lashes.

Finally, to finish off the look, I use a different lip color every day depending on my mood. I recently have been using the Too Faced Melted Lipstick in the shade Melted Fig. It drys matte which I absolutely love; matte lipsticks are my latest obsession.

So yeah, that's just a little glimpse into my daily makeup routine.

What's inside your makeup bag? What is your daily makeup routine like? What are some of your favorite products? Comment below, I'd love to know!

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Bye Gorgeous!




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