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Mickee & Lucas Fall Engagement Session | Proctor Park, Utica, NY

Mickee and Lucas are such a fun & adorable couple, I really enjoyed photographing them and getting to know them! We had a perfect fall evening for their engagement session at Proctor Park in Utica, NY! It was actually their anniversary that same day, so it was a great way to celebrate! Since Mickee and Lucas love wine, we ended the session by cracking open a bottle of red wine!

I loved getting to know more about Mickee & Lucas and their love story! Here's what I learned:

How did you meet?

Mickee: "I was walking down a hallway at work heading to a meeting that gives me huge anxiety, he waved as I was walking up the stairs and I leaned back, basically doing a backbend, just to wave back. Then, about three seconds later I freaked out thinking "OMG, what if he wasn't waving to me?!" After the meeting, I ran to my office and emailed him apologizing for geeking out."

Lucas: "I was at work, I walked into one of our labs and a group of plain clothes people were having a discussion about infrastructure stuff. I saw this incredibly beautiful woman and my jaw dropped to the floor. And when they left, I turned to my friend and said, " Dear God, who the hell is that?" and he said, "Well, go get her". And so I went back out in the hallway to see if I could stalk her, and she was gone and I didn't see her again for like 9 months. Then all of a sudden I started seeing her in the hallways and cafeteria, like 10 times a day, and while in the line in the cafeteria, I kept staring at her badge to get her name and then I realized I was staring right at her boobs and thought I was a disgusting pig. Then later on we were walking down the hallway facing each other, and I tried to play it cool by giving it a friendly little wave, and as she turned to go into one of the stairways, she nearly flipped on her head to lean back and give a straight arm flag wave. Then three days later, I checked my email for the first time in a week and realized she had emailed me apologizing for her spastic wave, and I was mortified that I had missed my window to talk to her. And that she looked up my name and email to write me validated my week long facebook stalking of her."

What was your first date?

Mickee: "He asked if we could go grab dinner and have a drink after work, I said certainly! I made certain to bring my toothbrush and deodorant because I was going to be a sweaty nervous mess, and a brush for my hair. The day dragged on, which only escalated my anxiety, and finally it was date time. He picked the restaurant, which is one of my fav's - I like dark/dim lit places. I tried not to have a stroke on the way there, and was shaking when I walked in. He was seated at the bar dressed in a black shirt, which him in black gets my baby maker alive, and we ordered a bottle of wine. We started gabbing and the wine flowed, before we knew it he had to go pick up his kiddos - AND WE TOTALLY FORGOT TO EAT! Now, we shared a bottle of wine on empty stomachs and I lived 40 mins away. As we were walking out to the cars, I could tell he wanted to give me a smooch and I said, "If you're thinking of kissing me well don't, you are not allowed to kiss me until your divorce has been finalized."

Lucas: "We met after work at a very dark and romantic restaurant, that I used to work at so I was comfortable, and what I remember most was that Mickee looked amazing and she was very hyper. And as she drank more, she started cackling louder and started saying more offensive things, which drew the side-eye of the some of the patrons sitting behind her and caused me great delight because I could tell she was as nervous as I was and relieved that she was having as good of a time as I was. The entire night, all I wanted to do was kiss her and when I walked her to her car, there were two people making out in a car parked on the street, and I was hoping she was going to grab me by the belt buckle and have us do the same thing. And then she told me she would not kiss me, and just gave me a hug, which just made me want her more.

Do you have a favorite date you've ever been on together?

Mickee: "My 2020 birthday dinner at the same restaurant we had our first date."

Lucas: "We went to Boston for the weekend, and we went out to a bunch of different places grabbing appetizers and drinks."

Mickee, What made you fall in love with Lucas? What do you love the most about him?

Mickee: "Lucas is just a big teddy bear and has a gigantic heart; he puts everyone else first and is genuinely a beautiful soul - and to top it off, he's basically Dad of the year every single day. I love the way he looks at me and makes me feel like I can be myself. I knew I had completely fallen in love with him when I asked him if my dress was too sparkly for NYE, his response was, "I don't think you can ever have too much sparkle on NYE." - that's when I knew he was the one. My absolute favorite thing about him, despite the thousands of other things that I love, is when I tell him something bothers me, offends me, or down right pisses me off - he actively tries his hardest to change it going forward. He wakes up every day and puts his all into our relationship, and no matter how angry I get at him, it fades quickly because he is always trying to do better."

Lucas, what made you fall in love with Mickee? What do you love the most about her?

Lucas: "When Mickee left a note on my car wishing me luck at my sectional game, soccer, when we first started talking, and I just thought it was very sweet and thoughtful and her acknowledging something that might seem silly to other people, but something I truly love doing. And I kept that note on my fridge for over a year. What I love about her most, is that she's not scared to make life plans and move forward constantly. And that she's not afraid to tell me how she feels, and that she makes me a better man, yet tells me that I'm a good man anyway. That she loves my children like her own."

How did you get engaged?

Lucas bought the ring in March and asked Mickee's son for his blessing, first. He planned it out and included all kiddos and Mickee's friends. The day finally came and she woke up miserable as ever with fire balls in her eyes. She promised to take Amelia to get their nails done, and planned on meeting all of her friends to get theirs done as well. The plan was to go for a family paddle board, 6 person board, down the river, and at first Mickee thought that was a great idea. When the time came, she despised Lucas for even thinking of something like that and didn't want to go because it was that time of the month and she couldn't understand why he wouldn't respect her ovaries. She was so mad to have to go, that she rode with her son instead of Lucas and the kids to the kayak shop, got out of the car, saddled up and went on the board. Long story short, Lucas asked Amelia if she would ask Mickee to marry her daddy, she squealed and then ran down the board and bumped into Mickee, who then bumped into Hayden and Braedy ended up falling down, but somehow managed to stay on the board. Mickee turned around to basically lose her mind, and saw Lucas on one knee holding an absolute perfect ring and then he asked her to marry him. Instead of saying yes, she said, "I wish my friends were here." and he told her to loop up and they were all lining the bank and started clapping and cheering.

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

Mickee & Lucas: "Celebrating our union with the people that matter most and then looking at the pictures later down the road saying "Ohhhh boy, that did happen!"

I am most definitely looking forward to Mickee & Lucas' wedding at Wolf Oak Acres in Oneida, NY!


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